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Firstly, before I write jot, my wishes and thoughts are speeding their way to you over the ether for a year in which you will find fulfilment, happiness and peace  as well as buckets-full of energy and excitement for new ideas and projects.

I also want to thank you for all your support, encouragement, comments and debate; without you there really wouldn’t be a blog!

So here’s to you and the best 2009 can bring…A Happy New Year!

the best of New Year wishes to you

the best of New Year wishes to you

Locks Park Farm

Thanks for visiting my blog. All entries are presented in chronological order.

I have a small organic farm on the Culm grasslands near Hatherleigh in Devon, with sheep and beef cattle. I've been farming in the county for more than 30 years. I've set up this blog to share views on farming and the countryside - please do give your thoughts.



The Campaign to Protect Rural England has helped set up this blog. We want farming to thrive in England, and believe that it is essential that people understand farming and farmers better in order for that to happen. Paula's views expressed here are her own and we won't necessarily share all of them, but we're happy to have helped give her a voice.

Find our more about CPRE and our views on food and farming at our website,

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