CPRE is a registered charity and pressure group which campaigns for a sustainable future for the English countryside, a vital but undervalued environmental, economic and social asset to the nation. We highlight threats and promote positive solutions. Our in-depth research supports active campaigning, and through reasoned argument and lobbying we seek to influence public opinion and decision-makers at every level.

We want a beautiful, tranquil and diverse countryside that everyone can value and enjoy; a working countryside that contributes to national well being by enriching our quality of life, as well as providing us with crucial natural resources, including food. We wish to see the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country. The countryside, including its villages and towns is ever changing, but we strive to ensure that change and development respect the character of England’s natural and built landscapes, enhancing the environment for the enjoyment and benefit of everyone.

Farmers play a critical role in managing our countryside. CPRE believes they need understanding and support from society, including financial support, in return for looking after a countryside we can love and enjoy. Find out more about us and our views on farming at www.cpre.org.uk