…my little barn owl died during the early hours of Thursday morning. I am so sad and sorry I didn’t manage to save him.

I have met, been encouraged and selflessly helped by some remarkable people in the last few days.

My vets, Penbode in Holsworthy; the lovely women I met in the waiting room there who took the trouble to phone me with the number of a friend of hers with a supply of frozen mice.

Honeybrook Farm, excellent suppliers of frozen day-old chicks, who didn’t want me to fork out a mass of money for hundreds of unwanted chicks, and suggested someone fairly local they thought could help.

That very person…who, with extraordinary generosity, sent up to me  via one of his employees, a free box of chicks and an offer to help in whatever way he could.

Last but not least the Devon Barn Owl Trust.

Thank you all.

...it was not to be