switched on

Switched on? Obsessive? Compulsive?

No excuse not to have written a post. No excuse at all really. I just craved my earthly life without the interference and demanding obsessive compulsiveness of my virtual one! I was you could say virtualed-out.

Unfortunately it is now impossible for me to return to the bad old days of the nineties when I was computer illiterate and had absolutely no idea I was being starved of a universe of mind-boggling knowledge that is the World Wide Web. No longer do I spend sleepless nights wondering where the best latte is being served in Manhattan or which cupcakes to choose in Canberra. At the touch of a key I can purchase a crystal-encrusted leopard-print jacket for my precious pooch; I can stop my neck from turning crêpe-turkey, keep my face as smooth as a baby’s bum and rid myself of a fatty tum. And as for my enabled and enhanced sex life…well!  I can order Peking Duck from Peking, honey robbed from wild bees in the rain forests of the Amazon or dunkin’ doughnuts from the States.  Purchase a train ticket, a plane ticket, hire a car; I can organise my finances, contact my bank (in theory), find a phone number, check the weather, the tides, the atmosphere, see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower…or simply idle away the hours looking at adorable lurcher pups.

Oh, and I haven’t touched on the phenomenon that is social media. The creeping corrosiveness and addictive competitiveness of the Facebookers and the Twitteratzi (yes, that’s me included). That desperate need to be the most funny, the most suggestive, the most outrageous, the most acerbic, clever, canny, informative, bright, sparkly or just plain bloody brilliant…all in 140 characters…and for who?  Why?

Sometimes I crave those simpler days; that time before illumination. Today I almost caught up with myself. On my walk the rain lashed my face the wind tugged my clothes. The dogs ran helter-skelter away from the style, flying out across the meadow in a joyous jumbling clan; suddenly Willow pulls away, streaking into the distance, a dream in balance and motion. Ness gives chase; the two of them fly across the land exhilarated by pursuit. I run too. A family of swallows dive and swoop along with us in extraordinary aerial acrobatics. Deer start in the adjoining field, heads up, ears alert they turn and flee. We run wild and free, the rain stinging, the wind gusting; we are complete, elemental.