Has anyone recently had a surge of hits from a website called Alpha Inventions?

If you have, or indeed if you are a reader from the site, and really understand what it’s all about please could you clarify it to me.

What I understand is that Cheru Jackson (the creative mind behind the site AlphaInventions.com) wanted a new service that connects bloggers to each other in real-time.

Cheru breaks it down this way “Alpha Inventions connects webmasters with each other in real-time by providing traffic to webmasters from other webmasters as soon as they publish a blog from Blogger, Word Press, Type pad, and Msn.”

So it appears that AlphaInventions introduces bloggers from all around the world to each other– free. There is an option to buy an AID# to increase your exposure.

But I haven’t had any comments from new readers. So I was wondering (sceptically) if anybody in fact reads these blogs or if they just sign in and wait to ‘increase’ their stats. Is it a wonderful thing or is it a scary thing?

If  you know and have more knowledge than I do – please explain. Thank you!