The biome, the biome, the biome…look at it, just look at it. Isn’t it pure pristine perfection?

the biome

the biome from south to north

No, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, rather sounding it for my wrecked other. After days and weeks, actually now I think about it, months, of exhausting back breaking work the polytunnel is  finally ready for planting.

Beds made, paths laid. Tonnes, yes tonnes and tonnes of sodden top-soil, chock-a-block with roots and debris, have been deep dug,  mixed with gravel, sand and lime. Rotavated with our tiny ‘Mantis’ to create a fine tilth and  raked free of stones.

the central atrium

the central atrium

The central atrium will be paved and there we can recline in the dappled shade of the trailing vine, sipping Pimms from tall frosted glasses, all chinking ice, strawberry, crushed mint and apple heaven. Ahhh, summer will happen at Locks Park this year…

let your imagination run riot!

let your imagination run riot - not the weeds!

Back to reality. The biome, we know, will never look this immaculate again. In a couple of week weeds will run riot. But today the first onions were planted into its newness. Potatoes wait, chitting in trays and pots of all sizes are suddenly crammed onto every window sill. This year, whatever the weather throws at us, we will produce our vegetables. Organic veg box anyone?

and from north to south

and from north to south