a blaze of hawthorn berries glow in the sunlight

a blaze of hawthorn berries glow in the sunlight

Two days…yes, two whole days of sun; gorgeous, glorious sun!
We’re smiling, grinning; no, not powerful enough – beaming? Beaming, intoxicated, euphoric and possibly a little silly.

I’ve at last sheared the lambs. Cows and calves went back out this afternoon onto the Rutleighs which are just about dry enough for them not to poach and damage. With any luck we could get onto the land by next week and do some much needed topping. Who knows – perhaps we’ll even manage to get our straw? I could be getting a wee bit carried away here.

I sat out on the bench, ate my lunch and felt too hot! I sweated walking up the hill with the cattle; my overalls clung in damp, sticky patches, my feet were hot-throb swollen in their thick socks and wellies and the nape of my neck clammy with perspiration.   Whining insects bizzed, bit, fed and sipped the salt on my skin. My eyes aren’t coping with the brightness either; they’re screwed up, squinty and watery. But I don’t mind. Oh, I so don’t mind!

a hornet drinking from an oak sap run

a hornet drinking from an oak sap run

The air has become alive with dancing butterflies, bees, hornets, wasps, dragonflies, midges, mozzies and a hundred more flying fluttering insects in a last ditch attempt to capture their fast disappearing season of life. And the countryside also thrums with frantic hum and drone of tractors, mowers, combines and balers in a concentrated endeavour to save flattened crops and grass.

this is ared deer hind with her yearling white albino calf and this years brown calf

this is a red deer hind with her female yearling white albino calf and this year's brown calf

Amid this background of frenetic activity groups of deer, some large, some small have appeared in the vast acres of uncut vegetation to graze and bask silently and peacefully in the dappled sunlight.

i've watched her and followed her progress for some time. She seems to prefer being solitary, with just her offspring for company.

I've followed her progress for sometime - she prefers a solitary existence with her offspring for company; unusual for red deer

You may remember Robert joked that Gaia was responding to global warming by making it rain more, both to cool the earth and lower the sea.  Well, maybe not.  But this week’s New Scientist reports that researchers in Switzerland have found that rainfall has been increasing by 3.5mm per year across the world.  The heat trapped by greenhouse gases has fuelled an increase in evaporation leading to more rain.  That’s not to say that everywhere has become wetter- wind has carried clouds away from some unfortunate places which have become drier, making others even wetter.  On the record of the last two years, Locks Park is definitely one such wetter place!