is gaia really saving us?

is gaia really saving us?

“It’s Gaia.”

“What is?” I ask

“What’s happening at the moment. With the weather.” Robert stares intently between furiously working windscreen wipers as he negotiates a mini flood swooshing across the lower section of our lane.

“How’s that?”

“Well, it’s quite simple really. She, Gaia, knows the planet’s in deep shit with climate change. So she’s rectifying it.”

We skid on a patch of liquid mud; an oozing amoeba from a waterlogged gateway.

“Yes, she thought about it and decided if she rained on the earth continuously she would cool it down, and… as she’d be using the water from the sea to make the rain, so she’d be compensating for the rising sea levels! You see – two birds with one stone.” He grins across at me “Simple.”

I chuckle, “I like that! That actually makes me feel a whole load better. Positively joyful, almost, about rain. No, perhaps that’s gong a bit far, but it’s a good angle!”

It was yesterday evening, and we’d decided on a sudden impulse to drive into Okehampton to see Mamma Mia. It’s been a heck of a week. We needed an injection of pure unadulterated, joyful, feel good nonsense. Sun, colour, beautiful people, singing, dancing and a happy ending.

The best bit of news. The cows went clear on their TB test reading this Thursday. My worst fears were unfounded, and even the vet was overjoyed. She said it’s so unusual to get a clear test nowadays.

The not such good news; we’ve had to bring the cows in.  The land gave up. Do you know the herd has only been out for four months this year? I hope that by bringing them in we’ll save the grass and land from being ruined; and maybe, if we have a bit of dry, sunny weather, they will be able to go out and enjoy a mellow autumn.