Hobby perching, Ravens' Copse 17 August

Hobby perching, Ravens' Copse

Today we managed to get our own photos of the hobby. Here it’s perched on a dead branch at the edge of Ravens’ Copse. I was going to expand the photo so you could see the barring and colour, but it looked so atmospheric, I’ve left it. Robert also saw a very large butterfly flying high in the copse. By its size he thought it could just possibly be the rare, beautifuland elusive Purple Emperor. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to confirm this.

Raven/hobby nest, Raven's Copse 17 August

Raven/hobby nest, Ravens' Copse

And yes, the hobby is using the raven’s nest. If you look ito the centre of the photo you can see the enormous jumbled mess of twigs and branches – that’s the nest.

hobby in flight, Locks Park Farm

Hobby in flight, Locks Park Farm 17 August