Isn’t this extraordinary – it’s an Azure Damselfly roost beside one of our ponds. Looking at these it’s easy to see how myth and legend of fairy abound. They reminded me of…oh, what’s it? Ah yes – Harkness, Captain Jack…mysterious Torchwood. The Dr Who spin-off series set in Cardiff. I remember seeing an episode where gruesome, gargoyle fairy-like beings (bearing uncanny similarity to these damselflies) wooed and enchanted young and old in the effort to abduct and absorb them into their wicked ethereal other-world, where plans were afoot to consume the earth as we know it – well, loosely!

Imagine being woven into a web of illusion, confusion and enchantment and led, pixi-mazed, unknowingly into quietly lethal sinking bogs! The stories flourish of incidents similar to this even on Hannaborough Moor!

The Emerald Damselfly – extraordinary, but definitely more insect-like.

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly exuvia (larval casing)…macabre and ghoulish.