Challenge, celebration and chickenpox

All the discussion, opinion, ideas and views on the last three posts has been great and very stimulating. Brilliant!

This week has been extraordinarily busy and I haven’t yet had the time to absorb all the information and ideas.

My son Ben, his fiancée Bérengère, and their baby daughter Camille, are leaving to live in France tomorrow and have been staying with us over the last week not only as a farewell to us and the farm but also to be at my stepdaughter’s Civil Partnership ceremony. Camille developed chickenpox early in the week which nearly put the kybosh on both their travel plans and the family attending the wedding ceremony and  reception. But she’s scarcely been ill and no-one’s been worried by getting the virus. Add to that a house-full of family and friends, including Tony and 4-year old son Vincent over from Canada, a couple more calvings, multitudinous meat orders, testing weather and it’s all been pretty hectic. Not much time for writing!