a handsome zebu bull with one of his cows on San Cristobal

Before I completely forget about some of the wondrous animals I interacted with whilst away, I thought I would upload a few images to share with you. You will have gathered by now, I’m passionate about animals, and in particular mammals – from the teeniest rodent through to gargantuan whales. All, wild and domesticated, human and not so human, fascinate me. I thirst to know more! Here are a few encounters…


This little creature with the fearsome teeth is a kingajou. He’s a nocturnal animal with an extraordinary prehensile tail (he hangs from trees with it). He eats fruit and insects with a long tongue that he also delights in sticking down your ear in the middle of the night. He also had a penchant for big toes…we were entranced by each other!


My birthday wish was to find dolphins…a day or so late but nevertheless we found a large, playful pod that swam with the boat. If you look very carefully you can see the shadows of them around the prow. Very difficult to photograph – a lot of swirls in the sea!


We managed to capture this one – just!


Sharing breakfast with Honey the parakeet – a traitor – he would have your finger off if he could!


Hence the photo of me wagging my finger at him.


A beautiful tiny, tiny rufus-tailed hummingbird flitting around the veranda. The image is possibly bigger than real life.

And last but not least, for Mary, to show I’m a lazy bugger really!