Weary, travel-worn, a bit tattered and sore around the eyes, but nonetheless well, hail and hearty! Arrived back this afternoon after a very long, but relatively painless and uneventful, flight or rather flights – three of them to be precise.


I have several jungle and tropical island posts and photos for you to read and look at over the next couple of days and then it will be back to the hustle and bustle of the farm and animals as we get ready for lambing and calving.

Olly has done a splendid job of looking after the farm and house while we’ve been away…and I managed to bring him back the very, very thing he wanted, all the way from the jungle – a machete! Extraordinarily there was no problem what so ever with taking it through the numerous countries and security checks, or the various immigration and customs. He’s amazed!


Looking forward to catching up with you, but now I’m going to collapse into bed.

See you all tomorrow…and to whet your appetite, here are a few photos.