I hope you’ve had a good Christmas. We have, time has flown and I’m having difficulty knowing which day of the week it is. Family is still gathering making every day an excuse for celebration. And the realisation it’s New Year’s Eve the day after tomorrow is just dawning on me.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

There’s been a certain amount of excitement on the animal front. A six month old calf contracted pneumonia on Christmas Eve due to fluctuating changes in temperature from warm-damp, to cold, to freezing, to freezing, freezing and back to mild-wet warm-damp again.The calf luckily made an extraordinarily rapid recovery and was as right as rain by the evening.

The ewes were scanned the day after Boxing Day. Not a high lambing percentage, more than likely due to the monsoon summer. Our scanner said readings had been very varied this year with flocks throwing up quite a few empty ewes – we weren’t too bad on that score only having one.

I’ll leave you with some images taken through the kitchen window of our bird table which has been a hive of activity.


Male Bullfinch Locks Park bird table

a beautifully marked male bullfinch

Make Chaffinch Locks Park birdtable

male chaffinch


aggressive, brave little nuthatch