So here’s what you’ve been waiting for…Locks Park Farm dormice!


Here’s the same little fellow emerging from his shelter nest. The nest is cunningly disguised in a clump of dying thistles on our lane verge – extremely well camouflaged and almost impossible to spot. I’m glibly saying ‘he’ as looking at the first photo with a zoom I’m pretty sure I can make out his male genitalia – tackle in other words!
A couple of days after we discovered him the cattle transporter that came to move the purchased cattle all but demolished that part of the verge. We thought it was curtains for the shelter nest certainly, if not for the dormouse, as he wouldn’t have begun his winter hibernation safely underground.
When we plucked up the courage to have a look – not only was the nest intact, but so was he…and still in his nest!


Further down the lane in Flower field there’s another resident dormouse in a shelter nest. Again this nest was very difficult to spot and looked like a collection of old bramble leaves, of which it was entirely made.



A beautifully constructed nest made of woven grass.

An important note. Dormice are a fully protected species. Robert has the required licences from Natural England and is carrying out research for conservation purposes.