We have a dearth of fungi this year, but yesterday, returning home through a glade in Marymead birch wood I found the floor dotted with these glorious deep purplish-lilac fungi. The Amethyst Deceiver. I love the gothic implications. However my book assures me they are ‘quite edible’ and  boringly ‘very common’ – but I’ve never found them there before…a deception?


On the edge of the main herd we surprize a red deer hind with her twin calves. Unusual, as red deer typically have a single calf whereas roe deer normally have twin fawns.


Today a walk on Dartmoor. Ness, the wolf dog, has an affinity with water and performs salmon leaping antics.


A moth that’s at our windows at the moment is the Feathered Thorn. If you look closely you can just make out the feathered antennae.


Rushes and water droplets on Hannaborough moor.