A quick post to let you know that I have a large gathering of the clan happening from today and won’t, I shouldn’t think, have a moment of time to write.

All my sons, their partners and babies, plus one of my stepdaughters, her partner and children, also my sons’ father from Corfu, will be staying. A celebration of Joe, Jess and Theo being over from New Zealand plus a number of special birthdays. It’s the first time for several years we’ve all been together.

Accommodation was rather problematic until some very kind friends lent us their Winnebago, which arrived last night. So cosy and child-like exciting-thrilling it is, that Robert and I decided that we well may do a runner and escape to Scotland!



Farming is manic at the moment too, as a result of the relaxation in movement restrictions. We’ve been muck spreading, moving the rams across to the rented land to tease the ewes, bringing the sold heifers back home to run with the bull and trying to organise the spreading of phosphate and potash before the fields become too soft again. Because we’re organic we have to use product – P and K – in its most natural form which needs the winter weather to break it down to enable it to become available in the soil next spring, so it’s important to try to get it on the land this autumn.

Have a good weekend…