Gordon Brown seems to be backing farmers.
“Their actions live out our shared understanding that our countryside is more than the space that surrounds – it is the oxygen for the towns and cities.”
“And in order to be the country we should be, Britain must protect and cherish, not just our cities, but our countryside too,” Mr Brown said.
I’m delighted. No, really, I am. But…
…let’s face it; we (farmers) are an endangered species. Not much liked by the general public who believe we are money sucking sponges without heart or soul. And certainly not numerous enough to have political clout.

Mr Brown’s sentiments?

The kiss of life for British agriculture or the conscience of the country for an industry in its death throws?

This speech comes as yet another herd of cattle were killed today at a farm in Englefield Green, near Egham in Surrey on suspicion of foot-and-mouth and have now tested positive for the disease.
Separately, a suspected foot-and-mouth case is being checked in Hampshire.

Also government vets have found bluetongue disease in a second cow on a Suffolk farm. From what I gather this was found in another Highland cow at the Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm, near Ipswich, where the first case was diagnosed.

‘Farm to farm movements will be allowed in low risk areas (us, at the moment) from 3.30pm tomorrow, 25 September subject to strict cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles, compliance with existing ID and movement rules. A signed self-declaration confirming the above and that the animals are free from signs of disease will also be required.’ More specific conditions are to be announced.

Does this mean I will now be able to move my sold animals to a farm in north Dorset next door to Hampshire?

A day of undulating rainbows.

After the rain (off Scadsbury Lane)