The FMD story grows alarmingly. There appears to be chaos and confusion once more. Misinformation, non-information and contradiction.
With DERFA’s website appallingly devoid of basic facts and figures it seems that even those worried farmers and smallholders in the protection and surveillance zone, desperate for hard news and exact locations, are being kept in the dark.

Tell me, why is the killing of 1,800 animals being treated as the norm? Shouldn’t there be a huge outcry? These animals are not being humanely and gently put down; they’re being corralled and shot.
Killed not culled.
Why aren’t we vaccinating?

And just for good measure the first ever case of Bluetongue disease in Britain has been confirmed in a cow near Ipswich, Suffolk.
This disease is passed from animal to midge and from midge to animal, but is not transmitted from animal to animal. Cattle, sheep, goats and deer can all be infected;  humans are not at risk.
And the precautions put in place? Much the same as for FMD I’m led to believe; movement restrictions and killing. So I guess the same goes for all midges in the country…I wish them luck!

I’m beginning to wobble again. And feel rather panicky. I have a dark, deadening feeling that the whole country will be shut down. And I’m really not too sure that I’ll cope.

Can I hear the death knoll for British livestock farming? Generally I’m irrepressibly optimistic, but tonight I’m not so sure.

It was a golden afternoon. I moved the cows and calves to new pastures. They look healthy, beautiful, happy and content…for how long?