Yeay, yeay, yeay! We’re clear!
I’m at the top of the roller coaster…wow! Got through it again.
Threw my stick on the ground, punched the air and hugged the vet.
A reprieve of six or twelve months, depending on regulations.

How good is that?

After we’d finished I had a long talk about immunology, bTB bacterium, the skin test and the unfounded optimism in the gamma interferon blood test, our badgers and how we’ve gone clear again. But all that’s boring at the moment. I just feel like revelling in pure, glorious, unadulterated relief.


Such a busy day. Such a hectic week. And so hot! Just not used to it.
I’m feeling shattered, dehydrated, sticky and a wee bit strange…
Last night Peter, the thatcher, phoned to say he’d be starting on our roof ridge and repairs today. (He has, so that’s well underway)
Simon, the shearer, phoned to say he could shear the lambs before we did the test reading today. (He came – but after a misty morning the lambs’ fleeces were just too wet, so we put them out again to be done over the weekend.)
The straw man phoned to say he was coming with a lorry and drag of straw tomorrow. (We need to check with our neighbours if it’s okay, as they lend us a hand with their telescopic – and it is.)
And my son Joe, who lives in New Zealand, Jess and their sixteen month son, Theo, are flying in to Heathrow tomorrow for a month’s stay with us. I can now relax and really enjoy their being home without some ghastly, depressing, disease hanging over us.

So please excuse me, as I must fall into bed. It’s an early start to Heathrow tomorrow morning.

Yeay…such clever, clever cattle!

And p.s. –  thank you for all finger crossing and bated breath!