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I made the decision on Monday evening…to cut (our forage) on Tuesday after the predicted early morning rain. Monday had seen another farm go down with FMD resulting in a further cattle cull. The original source of the outbreak was still under investigation.



Tuesday is my day working at the shop Crede, in Exeter. I would be well out of the way and unable to change my mind. In fact it was taken out of my hands. Tuesday’s early showers turned into rain ’til three in the afternoon. We didn’t start mowing until the evening and then were only able to cut the first ten rounds as it was too wet to continue without contaminating the cut grass with mud.
No more news on the FMD front…



Yesterday, Wednesday, was a picture perfect day. We’ve turned the grass, and even though very wet, it’s drying.
A further 362 animals were culled at a third farm where foot-and-mouth was suspected.
Some restrictions in animal movements were lifted. Is this too soon?



Today, Thursday, another gorgeous day. The rain predicted for tomorrow has vanished and it looks set fair until Saturday night, Sunday morning. I’ve just come in…it’s a mad house out there! I decided to go for it and cut everything we had – so we’ve turner, rower-up, baler and mower all working at the same time. It’s 9.30pm and the wrapper’s just started – I can hear it zee-zee-zeeing away in the background behind the noise of the mower.
There’s no more news on the FMD front. No more new cases. Fingers crossed that this may last.

It’s Friday morning – headlines and maybe the worst news yet…

‘New foot-and-mouth case suspected
A 10km (6.2 miles) surveillance zone is in place around the original outbreak
A new case would be the first outside the 10km surveillance zone
There is a “clinical suspicion” of a new foot-and-mouth outbreak in Surrey – outside the existing surveillance zone, it has been announced. ‘


waiting in the shade