Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award

Imagine my surprise when turning on the computer to do some work last Tuesday evening I found that Sara of Farming Friends had nominated me for a Blogging For Positive Global Change Award!

The award, originally created by Climate of Our Future, sets out to recognise bloggers who “are trying to build awareness among their readership in order to create a more sustainable and enlightened future.”

I’m flattered and honoured that Sara feels my blog is having a positive effect on its readers and is helping to raise awareness of farming and countryside matters.
Sara’s Farming Friends site has informative entries and helpful advice on the everyday happenings on her farm, in her garden and the countryside about them. As Sara said ‘I think that we share a common interest in sharing our farming lives with the world’. She writes on everything from learning the best way to keep her new pigs, growing and harvesting garlic to making delicious muffins.

I have been asked to nominate another five sites I think are making a difference. Due to my newness at this game, I haven’t as yet explored many other blogs, but this will encourage me to do so and I will make my nonimations soon.

Again my thanks to Sara for her encouraging and motivating response to Locks Park Farm posts and to everyone else out there who’s hoping to make a difference.

Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award