TB – Bovine Tuberculosis…
TB – Tests…
TB – Strikes a panic cord…
Every year – I collect up my cattle from the smallest calf to the largest bull, have them tested and wait three long days for the results.
Every year – I feel a growing sense of impending doom…
Every year – I wait…

I am powerless.
There is nothing I can do.

I’m in a ‘core’ TB area, one of the worst in the UK. On the farm there are badger sets, also a large deer population. Many of my neighbours are shut down with TB. I have done everything I can to make sure my cattle have the best chance of avoiding the disease. Good strong hedges and fences. Good herd welfare. I grasp at every other straw offered to me however improbable.
I wait.
There’s nothing I can do.

There is no immediate movement on vaccination…it’s expensive, complicated and they are unable to find a suitable ‘marker’ (so a vaccine reaction can be distinguished from the actual disease when tested). The ISG (Independent Scientific Group) report on cattle TB published this week has found that ‘a badger cull cannot meaningfully contribute to the future control of cattle TB in Britain’.
We wait.
There’s nothing we can do.

The government are likely to inflict even more stringent movement restrictions, harsher culling regimes. Businesses will crumble. Moral will plummet further.
We are powerless.
There’s nothing we can do.

For more information, statistics and the ISG report on cattle TB click on www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/tb/index.htm or www.nfu.org.uk