Rain, rain, rain.

Sometimes life throws a bit too much at you all at once…

I was excited- looking forward to a quick weekend visit to Ben, my son, his partner Berengere and baby Camille

Everything planned, taken care of …instructions left about Magpie, the lamb attacked by magpies while being born (leaving her with only half a tongue); the heifer which still hasn’t calved; cows being served by the bull; Jill, (my working sheepdog) who’s in season, Ness (my young bitch with wolf-like characteristics); and the nursing home where my mum is. All done and ready to go. Robert looking vaguely anxious – not to worry, says I, of course you can cope, says I, I’m just on the end of a phone, see you Monday evening!

Perfect. Trains on time, connections made. Arrive in Norwich in time for a quick cuddle with Camille before she goes to bed and a happy, chatty supper with smoky wine brought back from France. Saturday morning at breakfast, yumm…hot croissants and fresh bread, the phone goes, I know, just know. ‘Hi, heifer calved…no, it’s good, yes fine, a bull calf’, but? ‘Well, Maggers (Magpie) didn’t make it through the night’. What? Happy, healthy, two month lamb bounding to have her bottle? What happened?

These things do.

Rain, rain, rain.

Treat, lunch in town – a huge bowl of spicy, slippery, splashy, stainy noodles we are messily slurping and enjoying. Mobile goes. I know, yup, know. My mum’s nursing home…could I pop in as she’s really quite poorly and not getting much better. What? I phoned yesterday, is she ill? No one said, I’m away! A mistake, lack of communication, a message not written down…

These things happen.

Rain, rain, rain.

Back on the train, all so very on time, even better connections. I read, sleep, read and feel, well, sad.

At home I peer through the rain hammering the kitchen window and notice that the winter water features have returned. ‘Has it rained all the time I’ve been away?’ Yes, but you’ve only been gone 24 hours!

After the rain (off Scadsbury Lane)